Thank you for inquiring about this unique fundraising opportunity.  Gerrity’s “Bagging for Charity” program gives your non-profit organization the opportunity to collect money while providing a service for our customers and our store.

When you participate, your volunteers are assigned to special “Bagging-for-Charity” checkout lanes.  They will then bag each customer’s order and are welcome to tactfully encourage the customer to donate to your organization.  Only one organization will collect at a given store and time.

You can schedule a date and time by calling our corporate office at 570-342-4144 weekdays between 7:30 am and 4 pm.  When your group arrives to bag, we will provide names tags, signs, and collection boxes as well as a short training video a liability waiver.  We recommend arriving at the store 20 minutes in advance of your scheduled time.

This is ideal for Scouts, Sports Teams, Church Groups and just about any organization with willing and able volunteers.  It’s also a great way for younger volunteers to participate in fund raising and experience the retail industry.  Volunteers must be of able mind and body, 13 yrs or older and able to lift at least 20 lbs.

Each Gerrity’s location attracts hundreds of customers per hour during peak periods.  While there is no guarantee as to how busy the store will be when you are bagging, our busiest days and times are listed in order below.  Please note that holidays can have a significant effect on peak times.

1. Sun. 11am-6pm

5. Fri. 3pm-6:30pm

2. Sat. 11am-6pm

6. Mon. 3pm-6:30pm

3. Tue. 3pm-6:30pm

7. Thu. 3pm-6:30pm

4. Tue. 10am-1pm

8. Wed. 3pm-6:30pm