Thanksgiving Recipes to Share!

It’s that time of the year again for great food with family and friends! At The Fresh Grocer, we have the recipes and essential foods you need to rock the holidays.  Spice up your table this Thanksgiving with these creative recipes!

Cornbread Chorizo Stuffing:

Kick up the heat this Thanksgiving with a spicy flare on your traditional stuffing. Add some bold flavors to your table with this Cornbread Chorizo Stuffing - your family will be thankful you did it! Click here to learn how.


Sauteed Green Bean & Mushrooms:

The holidays are the perfect excuse to  forget your diet, but that doesn’t mean we need to leave out vegetables altogether! Add some green beans to your Thanksgiving table for a better balanced meal. Your guests will choose veggies over dessert when you include mushrooms and almonds in this traditional dish!


The Thanksgiving Turkey:

We know you’ll already have a turkey on your table this year, so why not dress it up! Don’t be afraid to take risks and stray from tradition! Head over to for tons of fun flavors to add to your turkey this year! Find our recipes  here.


Cheese Board:

Charcuterie is taking over. Cheese Boards aren’t your traditional Thanksgiving fare, but they sure will please your family! They are delicious, and also beautiful to look at! With bountiful options - we suggest adding both sweet and savory snacks so there is something for everyone!


Porcini Mushroom Sourdough Stuffing:

No two stuffings are the same. You can pretty much add anything to make this dish personalized to your liking. Our take on stuffing this year includes porcini mushrooms and sourdough bread - yum! Check out our recipe here.


Apple & Pear Tarts:

Save some room for dessert! Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a dessert made from fresh fruit. Add some color to your meal by ending the night with Apple & Pear Tarts! Find this sweet recipe at


Be ahead of the ‘carve’ this Thanksgiving with The Fresh Grocer!