Aunt Mary


Not to be confused with Mom; Aunt Mary is actually Mom’s mother-in-law. She was Mary Fasula and she was the mother of Neal Fasula Sr., and is the grandmother of Joe Fasula and Neal Fasula Jr. Mary Fasula is responsible for many of the homemade family recipes that are now enjoyed by thousands of Gerrity’s customers.

Long before the Fasula family was in the grocery business, Mary was making her family recipes and selling them to area restaurant and grocery stores. She had a large kitchen in her basement that she used to make homemade pastas, sauce, meatballs, raviolis and even Gerrity’s famous Italian cookies. In the early days of her business, one of the places she used to sell to was Riccardo’s Market in Dunmore, PA. Riccardo’s is still in Dunmoreand are also cousins of the Fasula’s. When people would ask them who made the delicious items, they would reply, “Our Aunt Mary.” The name stuck and the brand “Aunt Mary’s Kitchen” was born.

As Neal Fasula began to open stores, his mother, Mary began to make her authentic products in the stores and sell them under the name “Aunt Mary’s Kitchen”. She also developed many other customer favorites like our cole slaw, macaroni salad, baked beans and potato salad. As Gerrity’s gained stores and Mary grew older, Neal saw a need to continue where she left off. Today Gerrity’s has at least one chef in every store, led by Gerrity’s Executive Chef, Janeann. Janeann and her experienced team have added their own recipes over the years and have continued to grow Gerrity’s prepared food business. However, they will always be working in “Aunt Mary’s Kitchen.”