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The Fresh Grocer is committed to taking an active role in environmental and community initiatives.  We always consider protecting the environment and helping our communities as the “right thing to do.” Here are just a few examples below about how our stores are working to improve our communities and make our planet greener.

Grocery Bag Reduction

Our stores promote bag reuse and provide a broad assortment of reusable bags for shoppers. The Fresh Grocer is all about choice and offers three carry-out grocery bag options (paper, plastic and reusable “canvas”). Plastic bag recycling bins are located at the front of each store. Reusing, recycling and reducing the number of bags you use means less trash is sent to the landfill and fewer environmental resources are wasted.

Associate Green Teams

Green teams are groups of store associates who voluntarily work together to make our stores more sustainable.  On Earth Day, Fresh Grocer volunteers take on the Earth Day Challenge and partner with the Neighborhood Gardens Trust to clean up a local garden in Philadelphia.  Each year, the number of volunteers increases and we continue to add more and more members to our store level Green Teams. 

Hunger Relief

The Fresh Grocer is committed to ending hunger in our communities.  Our stores are a part of Philabundance’ s Grocers Against Hunger program that connects local, regional and national grocery retailers with local hunger relief agencies in their area to help feed their communities. Additionally, our supermarkets hold various food drives throughout the year to lend additional support to local agencies and those in need.  Donating fresh food also helps to reduce the potential for food waste by diverting food from landfills, which is good for the community and good for the environment.

In-Store Fundraisers

Every year, we host a variety of in-store fundraisers that help raise money for nonprofit organizations including the American Red Cross, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and the Make A Wish Foundation.  These events are also supported with corporate contributions to maximize the impact of each campaign.