food safety

Our Commitment  to Food Safety

The Fresh Grocer works tirelessly to ensure the quality and integrity of its products so that you can rest easy knowing the ingredients for your next meal are fresh, delicious and most importantly -- safe! So whether you are a professional chef, home kitchen hero, or master of the backyard barbecue, we urge everyone to take simple and effective steps to ensure food safety.

Please see the helpful information below from our friends at the Partnership for Food Safety Education who develop and promote effective education programs to reduce food borne illness.

Food Safety Basics

Washing Produce

Washing Produce

Safe handling tips for enjoying produce

core four

The Core Four

Fight BAC!® practices for food safety


Hand Washing

An effective way to prevent the spread of germs


Take Out Safety

Proper handling of takeout and leftovers 

Seasonal Tips & More

Don’t Wash Your Chicken

Don’t Wash Your Chicken

Promoting Safe Poultry Handling During National Food Safety Month



National Food Safety Education Month

Food delivery

Prep Yourself

Food Delivery Safety


Keeping Babies & Toddlers Safe

From Foodborne Illness

Food Mythbusters

Food Safety Mythbusters

Food safety myths originate from the misapplication of science


Safety in all Seasons

Food Safety in Spring, Summer, Winter & Fall.

Be Food Safe

Be Food Safe

Resources from the Partnership for Food Safety Education.



Product safety recalls